Mama's Greening was founded in 2010, and was followed by extensive research that took almost four years to complete. It was clear that the needs of grass-roots are so immense, making it impossible for government alone to provide satisfactory services.


We believed that we could start something on a small scale; true too the age old adage that says "charity begins at home". It was evident to us that the greening of the environment requires a competence of a variety of organizations and government departments. However, to date there is little if any significant progress that makes sustainable impact on communities.


The Mama's Greening community project will be based on the emphasis of facilitating engagement and participation of communities so that they could have full ownership of the projects from its initial stages. It was solely for this reason that the communities of Dube and Orlando West which are areas in the vicinity of the intended piloting of the project, were contacted and their buy in was secured.




Our goal is to embark on landscaping development in Orlando West and Dube Village as pilot areas within 3 months.


We intend on working towards environmental change that promotes quality life in disadvantaged communities.




  1. To assist more than 100 households in starting home vegetable gardens in one year.
  2. Creating employment and job opportunities for more than 100 people in landscaping and recycling activities in 3 years
  3. To conduct 16 high impact environmental workshops in the greater Johannesburg Metro within 12 months with more than 500 people attending.




Mama's Greening's core business is the greening of the environment in previously disadvantaged communities and promote healthy living lifestyles among the communities


We provide the following services:


  • solar power energy
  • landscaping services
  • supplying alternative energy products
  • re-designed containers to eliminate shacks
  • education and training on organic food gardening
  • recycling to promote artistic designs from the recycled material